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Anthony Lazzara

After 35 years of teaching the environmental sciences at the King Philip Regional High School in Wrentham, MA I have retired as of June 2003. I plan to maintain this web site and will continue to stay current in my topics of environmental meteorology, "big 6" air pollutants and organic gardening. I can be contacted via my hotmail.com email address: anthonylazzara which will be checked on a timely basis.

Update Summer 2010

Well the long awaited " Log Home Dream House" and new and improved Wood Shed deep in the hills of the NorthEast Kingdom of Vermont is now complete. Though our 60 acres fill our dreams and time, I'm still available for workshops and speaking engagements in my specialities of Climate Change, Organic Gardening and Personality types ( the Enneagram ). So put on your walking boots and enjoy the tour.

Update Summer 2014

Now that the homestead is just about complete  I have redesigned my home page. Several new sites have been added along with my weekly report. A web cam has been added as well to view the changing seasons here in this corner of the beautiful NorthEast Kingdom of Vermont.

Classroom Tour

Garden Tour

Wood Crafts

Log Home Tour